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Briefly… Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses 2015 tour. The Master Quest, they say. There’ve been some shows already this year but there are many shows coming soon to various places so check out the schedule! It’s a bigger tour than previous years, so this time Canada, Europe and the US are all well served. I’ll be there, at Wembley Arena on the 17th of April any rate. Tickets are on the pricey side but hey, it’s Zelda. Performed by an orchestra. Here’s the 2013 show, in full. (Not watched it and not going to.)

I’m not concerned about the quality of the music so much as the experience itself… I don’t know what to expect – I’ve never been to a gaming convention, never cosplayed, and I typically shy away from large gatherings of game-players. I’m prejudiced, definitely, and the nerdiest of nerds because I even shun my own kind.

The only cosplay I would do is of Navi. Not in costume, mind you, just in spirit. “Hey! Listen!” To see what I mean you only have to check out this little guy channeling Navi like crazy.

Brief Crissed-Crossed-mas update (plus Wind Waker impressions)

Forget “ho ho ho”, in reality it’s more “woe woe woe”. And woe woe woe to you all during this brief annual holiday. It’s a truly despicable time of year in the UK for those who celebrate Christmas, and even worse if like me you don’t, but everyone around you does. I am going to exorcise a few demons by discussing in this here post the English mind (and, perhaps get around eventually to the Wind Waker on Gamecube). So fair warning that if you’re not interested in my Christmas demons – and frankly who would be – it’d be wise to skip to the last quarter of the post. Continue reading