Weird Video Wednesday: Show us Star Fox 64… or else

I love that this promo video, which was delivered to Nintendo Power subscribers in the U.S. on VHS, features such hammy acting. I love that they thought to dress up two guys as Sega and Sony, and that Sony’s catchphrase is “big boy”. What do two guys dressed up as Sega and Sony look like anyway? Well, obviously, they’re two guys wearing shirts with the company logos emblazoned on them. And they make quite a tag team here too, as they storm Nintendo of America HQ hunting for the “secrets” of their latest game, Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars, as it was called in Europe). I love that they extract information from these guys by threatening to torture a stuffed Mario doll. I love that the actors hold the N64 controller in the incorrect way – so just like everyone else picking up an N64 controller for the first time then.

In fact I think we can safely say that I love everything about this video. Thanks Nintendo Power. Now, can we get an updated, Star Fox Zero-ed version of this? I want to see Reggie Fils-Aime being gassed by a Pizza Hut branded box (he used to work for them you see), wielded by some mad Microsoft employee.


  1. Red Metal

    I remember renting this video at Blockbuster back in the nineties and being disappointed that it was merely a commercial. I was expecting an animated vignette like what they ultimately did with Zero.

    • veryverygaming

      Wow, that’s so strange to think that you could rent this. There was nothing else on the VHS I take it? I enjoyed the Star Fox Zero puppet marketing too, and I cannot wait for next Wednesday’s featured weird vid which is a different example of Nintendo’s recent-ish marketing materials. Oh, how times have changed! I love both old and new.

      • Red Metal

        Yeah, I think that was the only footage on the tape. It makes me wonder if the people who owned the tape at the rental store were under the impression that it was a movie of some kind as well, but didn’t bother checking to find out.

  2. themancalledscott

    I remember for some reason I got this in the mail, even though I didn’t become a Nintendo Power subscriber until 1998… I watched this way too many times as a kid (same with the N64 and Diddy Kong Racing promotional videos. They never did send me the Banjo-Kazooie one, the cads!). To this day, me and my brother will reference “you didn’t tell them about…the RUMBLE PACK, did you?” Which naturally also means we reference “No, Bob…you just did!” Good stuff.

    • veryverygaming

      Ha ha, that’s great that you guys still reference it. I can certainly see how it could take on iconic status in certain nerdier circles! Are the other vids as cheesy? I suppose I ought to look at them for myself, but surely they couldn’t top this?!

      • themancalledscott

        The other Nintendo Power videos are indeed cheesy. Not sure they match up the classiness of having two dudes with the words “Sony” and “Sega” on their shirts, but they are similarly weird.

  3. moresleepneeded

    This is a strange video, I wonder how successful it was. It seemed to show relatively little of the game, instead focussing on the goofy story. I would have thought the Sega and Sony actors would have worn character costumes to make fun of the company mascots. I wonder if they were actors or employees of the company, like Joe Kucan who played Kane in the Command and Conquer series.
    I notice in the video for Goldeneye one of the characters wore a white tuxedo. Is this evidence of the rumoured All Bonds cheat?

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