Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 5

We are running long this week, and the show is packed as a result. Adrian and Maya kick things off in what is now traditional style with discussions of our recent gaming endeavours: Metropolis Street Advertiser-uh sorry, Racer, on the Dreamcast (which came out in 2000, not 2002 as claimed in the show), and Kuri Kuri Mix (aka The Adventures of Cookie and Cream), a cute yet infuriating adventure on the PS2. Despite some issues both games ultimately leave a positive impression. Next up is our community segment, and this week the debate is all about difficulty. This discussion came out of two posts over at Last Token Gaming, the first of which looks in-depth at Rogue Squadron’s maddeningly difficult ‘Raid on Sullust’ stage, and the second, a “Hall of Fame” review of the very same beloved game. In the discussion that follows, Adrian asks in a poorly articulated and unreasonable manner whether these well-written and reasonable posts are a sign that high difficulty is essential for any game to achieve “classic” status. Rogue Squadron hardly gets a look in though, as we assess what difficulty achieves – or fails to achieve – in the Sonic series (3D and 2D incarnations), Shadow of the Colossus and more narrative-driven genres generally.

Speaking of classic status and difficulty, it’s only natural that we would dedicate our lengthy final section to Tim Schafer and the many wonderful games he has been involved with. After some brief bio info and comments on the Monkey Island series (we recommend interested listeners check out Cheeese Toastie and Videogames’ exuberant review of the Secret of Monkey Island remake), Full Throttle and Psychonauts, we finally move to an in-depth look at Grim Fandango, arguably the pinnacle of Tim Schafer’s formidable catalogue. And that classic status is well deserved, so it’s a good thing there’s a remake just around the corner. We’re topical!

That rounds off the show for this week: thanks for listening, and we hope to return soon, minus the sleep deprivation and overly long episode length!

Episode 5: The Milkman Conspiracy

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  1. acolossalwreck89

    Thank you very much for the links and discussions! Enjoyed listening to the whole podcast, you guys are fun to listen to. Again, Raid on Sullust was just TOO difficult, but I agree that a good amount of challenge and difficulty is mostly required for a great and lasting gaming experience. Also, when the Last Token Gaming official website goes live, we’ll be sure to link to you guys in our favorite links page!

    • veryverygaming

      No, thank you for writing the content in the first place! And for the plugs on your side, it’s really appreciated. That’s nice of you to say about the show – we were both quite tired at the time of the recording and I was worried it would make for a barely listenable mess of an episode. And it did, but editing works wonders 😛 I probably would’ve talked about Rogue Squadron some more and Raid on Sullust but I still haven’t got to it – I’ve been replaying the earlier missions going for better medals.

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