Videogame-inspired reality? Zelda in London

By now, a large proportion of Londoners have no doubt seen or unwittingly walked past examples of videogame-inspired street art, from Pac-Man ghosts in Brixton to the baddies of Space Invaders in the West End. But are any aware of those natural features of the London landscape that correspond with those of videogames? And who is to say that videogames may not, in some senses, be our reality?


Contrary to appearances, the subject of this photo is neither Rod Stewart nor Robert Smith (of The Cure fame). I deliberately placed the floppy-haired pop stars in the background so viewers could clearly identify the five plants.

It is none other than Zelda’s well known bushes, sighted here in the midst of Russell Square in central London!

I have prepared some advice for would-be adventurers. (Just think of me as your local Gossip Stone.)

– The Travelex round the corner will exchange rupees to local currency.

– Hearts are best left alone, as are bombs. The native population are likely to look at you with suspicion with these in your bag.

– It is said that any discovered arrows should be returned to University College London reception desk. Many thanks from the UCL Archery Society.

– It is a well known fact that drinking from the magic bottles found in the grass is considered necessary to brave the Haunted Wasteland (aka Soho).

– Always tread with care, fair traveller! It is not known what hazards and evils exist in this, the realm of London.



ganondorf ocarina of time

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