An overdue update

We’re in trouble here, aren’t we? It’s been two months since my last blog post. But, more significantly, is that I have hardly thought about this site during that time. That leaves me with only two options:

  1.  A radical rethink in how the blog is run.
  2.  End the blog.

I’m reluctant to shut up shop. My fellow bloggers and the small community I’ve been part of are all amazing. I’m also proud of most of the content on here, and would (in theory) like to continue putting words and thoughts out. Clearly though we’ve hit a brick wall.

The plan is to try putting out small, off-the-cuff posts for a time and see what happens. That’s going to be tough for me, as a dyed-in-the-wool perfectionist. But I’m afraid we’re currently in shark territory: keep moving or die.

Now to my prolific gaming exploits. Damn, I have been loving the Switch this past few months. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to gamewise…

…starting with Hollow Knight. As I mentioned in my last post, I had a wonderful time with this gem. The game very slightly overstayed its welcome (or rather I overstayed, trying to 100% it…) and the (free!) DLC didn’t do much for me. But I still rate this game extremely highly, especially for an indie title.

Me snoozing on the blog

Following Hollow Knight I turned my attention to a little known game known as Super Mario Odyssey. Another solid game, although I will say I’m not completely head over heels for it. On the positive end, it’s the first 3D Mario game to give me those wonderful Mario 64 feels. (And that’s not only because of the overt references to Mario 64 by the way, although those are amazing.) The high points of Odyssey kept me grinning for days, and they’re what make this game so worthwhile. What does surprise me is how many of the stages I have little to no feeling for. Take Bonnetton, the very first stage. It does absolutely nothing for me, and it’s the first area in the game.

Next up was a fun change of pace. Doom, also for Switch. I don’t own any other “current-gen” systems so this was my first time trying this. And I’m happy to say for the most part it met my high expectations. Like Odyssey, it took a little while to warm up to. The game clicked after I tried the arcade mode. Imagine my surprise: an FPS campaign that can be played in its entirety as a high score game with only minimal tweaks?! Not only is the mode present, it rocks. It really feels like the whole campaign was designed with speed running and score chasing in mind. I don’t have much experience with prior entries in the Doom series, but I was also struck by how much Doom felt like what Doom 3 should have been.

Finally on Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Wow. 100 hours on the game clock don’t lie – it’s another monster of a game from Monolithsoft. There’s not much else to say besides that to be honest; it stacks up admirably to its predecessors, which Maya has covered extensively here. There may be the odd podcast floating around too.

One final non-Switch oddity. Because Atlas make the strangest games, and I love strange games… Catherine for PS3. This is a quintessentially Atlas game that reminds me equally of the Trauma Center and Persona series. I honestly am quite conflicted on the game’s quality even though I’m close to the end. The genre can be summarised as a visual novel, with extended puzzle game sections. The puzzle gameplay is punishingly challenging. The visual novel sections feature excellent production values, but the story itself is 70% irritating and 30% intriguing. Oh, and 100% sexist. Did I mention this game is strange?

So this post is my first challenge to perfectionism, and with any luck the first of many unedited rough drafts. That’s what blogs are supposed to be for, right? Catch you next time!


  1. LightningEllen

    Hi there! Long time no see. Super Mario Odyssey was kinda meh to me at first, but some of the cooler moments later in the game were something special.

    • veryverygaming

      That’s exactly how I felt too – slow beginning, I felt like the whole experience didn’t click until I got to New Donk City (my favourite level). And then the festival started and my jaw was on the floor. And there were several moments like that afterwards too! The highs in Odyssey are so high, it’s just weirdly inconsistent.

  2. moresleepneeded

    I have also considered producing small reviews to increase the amount of posts on my blog (although I was thinking of writing smaller versions of my reviews, with a link to the larger article so interested readers can look at the full review). I have not played any of the games mentioned.
    How does Super Mario Odyssey resemble Super Mario 64? How is Arcade mode in Doom different to the usual mode? What did you enjoy about Xenoblade Chronicles 2? How is the story for Catherine irritating and sexist?

    • veryverygaming

      I can definitely see why you’d consider that with your blog – I highly doubt anyone has written more than you about those Sonic Game Gear games, for instance! Out of interest, how long does it usually take you to write your posts? Some of them seem like big undertakings to write, plus it’s obvious you have spent a lot of time with the game too.

      Now as to your questions. Odyssey is like Mario 64 in terms of the emphasis on non-linear exploration and discovery. Sunshine has this too, but Odyssey is more similar to 64 since it’s not tethered to a single theme (holidays in the sun). Arcade mode in Doom is essentially exactly the same as the regular campaign, except with the addition of a score and a multiplier for successive kills. The challenge is killing the enemies quickly and in stylish ways without being hit (which lowers your multiplier). There are online leaderboards for each level so you can compare.scores, as well as medal system. With Xenoblade 2, I enjoyed pretty much everything I enjoyed about previous entries, especially the original Xenoblade for Wii: the environments are amazing, the characters are likeable, the battle system is immensely satisfying… I could go on. Finally, I’ve just published a post on Catherine that will hopefully answer this question 🙂

      • moresleepneeded

        It takes me a few months to write each review, particularly as I only write about a paragraph a week. I am actually not as familiar with some of the games as it seems, I initially wrote about the Tomb Raider games because I have played them since I was young and remember some of the games from when they were first released. With the Sonic games, I only recently played them when I played through the Sonic Adventure game and they were available as an extra feature. I have actually only played them a few times, mainly because I wanted the reviews to be accurate.

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