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Gamers Going Their Own Way (GGTOW) guide to videogames

As you are no doubt aware, there’s been a big hubbub in recent years around the concept of “gamer identity”. Is there such a thing? Perhaps, but gamers are not homogeneous, and there are many different sub-categories of gamer. My last post considered the dudebro gamer phenomenon on the original Xbox but I’m tired of ready-made labels, and I tried to create an original gamer movement to fight Game Length Supremacists but that failed to garner mass support. So here’s my new attempt to craft a gamer identity, and this time it’s about forging our Own Way as gamers. Can we as gamers borrow the language and rhetoric of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement in order to articulate our particular gaming habits?

That’s right, I’m outing myself here as a bit of an MGTOWer in the realm of gaming, and in the realm of gaming ONLY. I’m a GGTOWer, if you will. (For those not familiar with the Men Going Their Own Way movement, I’d recommend giving this here site a read for the heinous basics.) I hope this post will provide some small insight into the Gamers Going Their Own Way lifestyle, and in order to accomplish this feat I’ve harnessed some MGTOW rhetoric here. So in extremely poor taste I’ve basically copied and pasted MGTOW articles and replaced the word “women” with the word “games” and, sorry to say, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. That’s just how bad the levels of female objectification are in the articles I’ve cribbed from. Fair warning: there are regressive views towards videogames in this post, some of them expressed strongly, even offensively. You have been warned. Continue reading

Sexy Parodius (Saturn) review

Do you have a grudge against penguins? Have you ever suspected them of evil but not had any proof? Well, then, Sexy Parodius is the game for you: finally documented evidence of penguins engaging in all manner of filth and perversion. Human trafficking, wealthy decadence, wielding a tommy gun, illegal mining operations, plus assorted general evil toilet-wearing mastermind antics. As well as nefarious penguins, you can also play pest control to a cute mice infestation in a haunted castle, fight raccoons with oversized testicles, crush ears of baby sweetcorn and corn-on-the-cobs that fire popcorn, and destroy deviant Dreamcast logos. And that’s just for starters.

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